Tropical Punch (hyb)
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Tropical Punch (hyb)



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A year of record-breaking heat in the US makes this summer of 2020 one of the hottest to date. I beat the Cali heat with plenty of tricks up my sleeve. I blast the AC, chug delicious cold drinks (with extra ice,) and smoke my new favorite strain for summer, the Tropical Punch strain.

The Tropical Punch strain might be perfect for achieving total body relaxation while calming the mind. As a Sativa dominant hybrid strain, its potentially uplifting therapeutic effects might help wind down after a long day. Or, if you want to pretend you’re on an island vacay, that’s fine too!

Tropical Punch’s initial flavor profile of sweet floral fruit notes transforms into a spicy, woodsy skunk delight as you toke. Once you inhale, the high seems almost immediate. Your mind might expel all negative thoughts while a calming sensation relieves pain. As a result, the mind and body might achieve balance, and creative expression and relaxation might run wild.

The appearance of Tropical Punch is a short and fat bud shape with light green coloring and beautiful orange hairs. The density of the nug is bright and filled out with tightly packed buds. It is filling the nug the brim with crystalized trichomes that give the illusion of weight. This strain could fool the average stoner with its whimsical fruit like aromatics and light density, but once you light this baby up, it’ll hit you right in feels with it’s gentle yet powerful touch.

The Tropical Punch strain has an average THC level of 18 and 25%, making this perfect for your everyday stoner (and stoner writers.) These THC levels are derivative of its parental genealogy, which are composed of the supreme Sativa strains Island Sweet Skunk and Haze. Island Sweet Skunk brings the fruity skunky island tang, yet Haze ushers in a citrusy earthy sweetness into the mix. The two bold yet subtle strains are accessible on their own but combined, they bring the best of both worlds in Tropical Punch.

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